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With the torrential rain hammering the streets outside, the only option for a day of inner-city exploring was a trip to the museums in Kensington. I remember when I first visited Kensington and Chelsea over in West London. I was so blown away by the expensive properties and glamour of it; the different streets leading to patisseries, old fashioned pubs and luxury hotels. Almost, two years later and not much has changed. I’m still so in awe of this place!

This blog is going to be a totally different style to all my others and I'm ever so excited to finally share it with you! 

Whether you know me personally or are following me online journey you may have noticed that I haven't posted in over a month. I can't even begin to tell you how much time I must have wasted by just constantly thinking and planning which blog to start writing. Planning how my feed was going to look, the style of my content, the name of my blog etc etc. Truth is, none of it matters. We're scared to be ambitious. We're scared what others might think.

So anyways I'm back to doing what I love blogging, not only is it my passion, it’s becoming something that I want to put any free time I have into.

I have found that the one accessory that completes and creates any outfit is a good watch. I've always been a massive fan of sleek, modern, classic designs so when PRIMAHAND of Norway got in contact with me I knew this would be the perfect fit.

If you haven't heard of Primahand, they are a new brand from Norway with the dream of shaking up the fashion industry by creating unique and affordable watches for the world. I was lucky enough to get to choose a watch from their new collection - which still to this day I am over the moon about.

I picked out the 'Rosefield' in black/white and instantly fell in love when the package arrived. The overall quality of the watch really impressed me and it perfectly fits on my wrist.

In all honesty, yes I would recommend Primahand. At such an affordable price and stunning designs, you really cannot go wrong! The brand itself have a varied range of watches for both men and women which could even make perfect gifts. They are also within the perfect price range as a treat for yourself!

If you fancy having a browse through the Primahand collection, you can find their website here!

Thank you so much for reading
And a huge thank you to Primahand for kindly gifting me this watch.

Be sure to check out my Instagram for upcoming blog posts!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, the watch was kindly #gifted to me as part of a collaboration.

Hannah xx

The alarm goes off. It’s travel day.
By 8am you’re out the door and immersed in a crowd of people, you listen to the next announcement that the train approaching is for London Gatwick, then the train beeps and your surrounded by a mix of languages.
Soon the fasten seat belt light has come on, the pressure is on and you’ve left the ground with its whole world of sounds.
The plane lands, you re-enter the commotion of the airport, catch a train into the the city and voila, finally find yourself in a Parisian boulangerie. 

This guide to Sundays in Paris will prepare you for the city of romance like you’ve never seen it before: through the lens of a wannabe Parisian who will guide you through the highlights of Paris and make your first experience a more relaxed one.

Sundays in Paris: Start at Tuileries Gardens
First things first: fuel up on a delicious breakfast at your nearest boulangerie or at the very least, get some caffeine!  Sundays are a slow start in Paris so don’t rush out of bed too soon – you’ll struggle to find anything open before 8:00am.

The gates to Tuileries Gardens officially open at 7:00am on a Sunday, an insider tip: it's extremely quiet at this time. If you’re visiting during summer and wish to enjoy the gardens in peace, this is one of the best places to do so!

 Musée du Louvre
The largest museum in the worldthe Louvre sits on the site of a massive former palace. It’s almost as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. Whether your there for the art, shopping or just to take pictures make sure you appreciate the famous glass pyramid

Right next to you is the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, built to commemorate Napoleon’s victories. I learnt that it was actually built before its big sister over in the Champs Elysees and is today, one of the entrances to the Tuileries Gardens. 

Underneath the Louvre there are a handful of charming boutiques and eateries to discover, which Paola and I found difficult to locate. Once inside, don’t forget to venture to the Denon Wing where you will find Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa, housed behind protective glass. I don’t want to spoil things for you since it is super cool to see the Mona Lisa, however, it’s definitely not the real highlight of your visit.

Le Perchoir
Last but not least, my beloved Le Perchoir.

On the 6th and 7th floors of an industrial building of the Ménilmontant neighbourhood, you can find a beautiful rooftop with a large bar, a restaurant and even sport classes. It is a great spot to admire the city in itself and enjoy a drink with a friend. This couldn't have been a more perfect way to spend my last night in Paris, catching up with an old friend letting time pass us by.

Note: Make sure you both agree on which venue you choose to meet at, unlike my friend and I ended up at different rooftops. Although it was quite hilarious it can easily be avoided.

Below are some more of Paris' mythical rooftops, should you need to escape to another level of Paris.
Monsieur Mouche - It's  the new Parisian hotspot on the Seine.
La Terrasse at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann - It’s the perfect place to soak up the stunning views after a hard, long day of shopping.
Hotel National Des Arts Et Metiers – A great 360° view of Paris, ideal to spend an evening lounging across the most heart-stopping monuments.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
Check out my lovely photographers website, she's so talented.
​Hannah xx

It was just the other weekend I had friends visiting from Ireland. On the Saturday I decided to take them to the west side of London, to Portobello Market in Notting Hill. I love markets so  I can’t believe I’ve lived in London for over a year without visiting this one. There isn’t a market in London that doesn’t get busy over the weekend so I knew before we even arrived that Portobello Road would be packed.

As we walked by the pastel shade houses and  I wondered  what it must be like to live in there and to have almost every person  that passed by,  take  a photo outside your door. I would probably be constantly stalking my house on Instagram.

There was no real agenda walking down Portobello Road. It just makes for a nice stroll, whilst nosing around and looking at the pretty shop fronts. Portobello has a flow; first the antiques, then the food stalls, and then by the time you get to the bridge, its vintage clothes galore. 

Because it was a scorching hot summer day, and of course I had chosen that very day to wear my skinny jeans, I had to declare a time out to cool down right there on this doorstep. It was shady, the concrete was cool, and I didn’t care how nuts it looked. To be fair, if you want to be a crazy eccentric, Portobello Road is a fine place to be.

The market stalls start to pack up  around 4 o clock- the food and flower stalls start to sell their wares for a lowered price and the crowds start to thin out, so if it’s a delicious  pastry or bouquet of flowers that you’re after, now’s the time to come.

The market is open:
Monday-Wednesday: 08.00- 18:30
Thursday: 08.00- 13.30
Friday- Saturday: 08.00- 18.30

How to get there:
​Take the underground to Notting Hill Gate. Go out and walk down Portobello Road. Actually if it's a Saturday just follow the crowds and you'll find it.

This spot in London is definitely worth the visit. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Hannah xx

Isn’t the Eiffel Tower just magical?! It gets me every time. 

A few weeks ago I spent  the best couple of days in Paris visiting some friends. I had the best of intentions to just relax and drink coffee and wine – but there is so much to see in Paris we did end up spending most of our time running around from place to place. Literally every street is a site in Paris, every single apartment building has the prettiest details with flower-boxes sitting on the windows and all the cobblestoned streets are just so perfect.


I love this outfit I wore it on my second day, it’s definitely not my usual style but when I saw the playsuit I fell in love and if you can’t wear it in Paris, then where can you?


I arrived on a Thursday night just in time to catch the Eiffel Tower’s beautiful sparkling light show. Every hour on the hour for ten minutes it sparkles.

So on Friday we headed to the Basilique Cathédrale de Saint- Denis before grabbing lunch on the river Seine. We finished off my first day in Paris with some beers at a local bar. Saturday I managed to find time to shoot these pictures with a friend near the beautiful Trocadero. The weather was so perfect while we were there – perfect Spring weather. We found these little Parisian streets and even shot a few pictures on the Hakeim bridge. On Sunday morning we set out early for a fab Parisian breakfast complete with amazing coffee and croissants. We then head to Gare du Nord to catch my train back to London making one last stop on the way at Laudreé for some macaroons.





It was the perfect weekend break away – since I’ve moved to London I’ve been non-stop busy with work and university work so it was nice to be able to take a break and just enjoy the beauty of Paris.

I’ll have another Paris blog post up soon with all the details of what I wore,

Hope you all have a good weekend,

Hannah xx

Happy Monday everyone! Whilst this blog is seriously overdue, I do hope you enjoy it!

I was able to escape to the Alps mid-February. For those of you who have experienced the feeling you get when going down a mountain full speed be it skiing or snowboarding there is nothing quite like it. I travelled to Les Arcs, a ski resort located in Savoie, France, in the Tarentaise Valley town of Bourg-Saint-Maurice. When you think about getting to the French Alps for a ski holiday by way of the usual flights, it’s hard not to envisage something of a nightmare scenario. What I did instead was take an SNCF train, this proved to be less a process of suffering and rushing, more one of opulent relaxation and my holiday starting early.

I am lucky enough to have been on many a ski break so at this point I’d like to think I’m a pro at packing. However, I must admit that this trip actually really snuck up on me in the end and I wasn’t as organized as I had wanted to be. 

 Here I’ve made a checklist that contains everything you need on and off the slopes...
On the Slopes
Thermals - (underlayers) Shop Trespass Shop M&S
HUSKI Snowsuit (Syrah) Small Shop mine here VOGUE’S best all-in one ski suit
Wool Socks
Waterproof gloves- Because who wants cold wet hands!
Ski goggles
Sports bra (girls!) 
Day bag - (lip balm,  sunglasses, bottle of water, go pro & portable charger)
A reusable water bottle - (if you get thirsty up in the mountains)
Ski equipment / Ski hire - Helmet, skis/snowboard, boots. I hired mine from SKISET in Les Arcs.

Off the slopes
Bobble fur hat - Great to cover up helmet hair!
Sunglasses - In Love with Nora NYC Sunglasses Shop here
Hip flask - for Apres Ski obviously.

After returning from the Alps, London was hit by the ‘beast from the east’ and covered in a white blanket of snow. I was excited to be back in the city but was feeling the holiday blues, this gave me the perfect excuse to put on a HUSKI Snowsuit. As much fun as it was shooting for the brand in Greenwich Park, the snow didn’t quite compare to Les Arcs.

Here's a link to their website
 https://huskiwear.com, go check it out!
Thanks for reading, happy skiing!

Hannah  xx
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